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Burbank Housing Corporation The purpose of the Allen Cottriel Scholarship and the “Never Too Late” Scholarship Funds is to provide the residents of Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) with financial encouragement and support in their pursuit to improve their lives through higher education.


Allen Cottriel Scholarship

Established in 2004, our Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund has provided scholarship awards to college-bound youth residing in BHC neighborhoods. When you donate to the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund, you are directly supporting youth in our community and their dreams of higher education. BHC believes that every student should have an opportunity to make a better future for themselves through education. If you share this belief, please contribute to the Allen Cottriel Scholarship Fund in whatever measure you can.

Never Too Late Scholarship

Through the “Never Too Late” Scholarship, BHC seeks to provide modest scholarship awards to non-traditional students who reside in BHC-managed properties. Nontraditional students are characterized as adults 24 and older who may have family and work responsibilities as well as other life circumstances that can interfere with reaching educational goals.


Our mission is to support our adult residents who are seeking higher education, vocational training, or professional certifications that will lead to high-paying employment and financial stability. The “Never Too Late” Scholarship Fund will help BHC residents overcome financial barriers and will support social-economic mobility among families. 

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