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Due to the high demand for our affordable housing program, BHC maintains an income-based waiting list system to fill all of its vacancies. Our Affordable Housing Program has four waiting lists that are categorized by income level. The income limits are established annually by the State of California for Los Angeles County. 

  • Extremely Low Income: ≤30% of Area Median Income (AMI)

  • Very Low Income: ≤50% of AMI

  • Lower Income: ≤80% of AMI

  • Moderate Income: ≤120% of AMI

Interested applicants should scroll down to the Income Level Calculator to learn which category your household qualifies for and see if the corresponding waiting list is open.


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Our low-income waiting lists are filled to capacity this year and are unable to accept new applications; however, our "Moderate" Income Waiting List is open and accepting applications from eligible households.


Please click the button to view the 2024 "Moderate" Income Limits for our Affordable Housing Program. If your household qualifies for this income category, please enter your household information in the Income Level Calculator to access the online application for the "Moderate" Income Waiting List.  


Please enter your household size and the combined gross annual income of the household to determine your income level.  If the waiting list for your income level is open and accepting applications, you will see a link to access the online application. 

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