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Burbank City Council Approves BHC’s First ADU Project

On December 7, 2021, Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC), alongside the Burbank Housing Authority (BHA), proposed its first Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) project to the Burbank City Council. Utilizing state ADU laws, our proposal seeks to remedy the high costs of property acquisition and tenant relocation by constructing additional rental units to our existing properties.

BHC has served as the City’s affordable housing development partner for years and our goal is to continue this tradition. We are absolutely committed to this project and eager to create more homes for our permanent affordable housing program. Our goal is always to develop housing within the City of Burbank that is safe, sanitary, and affordable. By increasing our housing stock, these ADU projects will enhance the value of our properties and provide further opportunities for families to access affordable housing in Burbank.

PROJECT PROPOSAL Given the extremely high real estate costs and the scarcity of available properties in today’s real estate market, BHC evaluated its own housing portfolio for potential growth in March 2021. Based on an extensive review with our development team, we concluded that two (2) properties in our Lake-Alameda and Golden State Focus Neighborhoods were the most viable options for an ADU project. Our ADU project at our Lake-Alameda property will add a two-story structure with an ADA-compliant one-bedroom unit on the first floor and a two-bedroom unit on the second floor. At our Golden State property, BHC will construct another two-story addition of a new two-car garage and two rental units, an ADA compliant one-bedroom and a three-bedroom on the second floor.

Architectural rendering for proposed Golden State ADU Architectural rendering for proposed Lake-Alameda ADU

Together with City Planning, Building, and Housing staff, BHC and our design team drafted a proposal that would help meet City Council’s housing and community sustainability goals. The proposed ADU projects will be new construction and will include green construction materials and appliances, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated roof & flooring material, energy-efficient light fixtures, energy low-flow toilets, and other water conservation devices.

This ADU project will add the following to BHC’s housing portfolio:

  • Two (2) ADA compliant, one-bedroom units

  • One (1) two-bedroom unit

  • One (1) three-bedroom unit

These units will be designated for “Extremely Low”, “Very Low” and “Lower” income households, a goal that is in line with City’s housing strategy. With an additional four units, our portfolio will increase to a total of 326 affordable rental units. ADU Development is a new model for Burbank Housing Corporation, and for this reason, our organization will work in phases starting with our Lake-Alameda property as early as May 2022. Our expected completion date for our first ADU is September 2022, which will be followed up with our second ADU at our Golden State property. Our Golden State ADU has an expected completion date of February 2023.

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