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Spring 2024 Newsletter

Winter 2024 Newsletter banner with a 3-picture collage with a picture from the Open House of Las Casitas, the 20th anniversary of the Peter McGrath Child Development Center, and the Senator's visit

In this Issue:

  • The 20th Anniversary of the Peter McGrath Child Development Center

  • The Open House of the Casitas de Linden, BHC’s First Completed ADU

  • Free Swim Classes for BHC Children

  • Senator Menjivar Visits Our Communities

  • Donate to the BHC Scholarship Fund


The 20th Anniversary of the Peter McGrath Child Development Center

Elected officials present BHC staff and board members with certificates of recognition.

For two decades, the Peter McGrath Child Development Center, formerly known as the BHC Child Development Center, has provided a nurturing environment for the youngest in our community to thrive, learn, and grow. On March 15, 2024, Peter McGrath Child Development Center celebrated its 20th Anniversary with its current families, key supporters, and community members. 

The Peter McGrath Child Development Center stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Peter McGrath, a BHC founding board member and long-time president whose unwavering commitment to childhood education and community service left a lasting mark on this city. 

During the Center’s pre-development phase, BHC became involved to support the City’s efforts in providing accessible and high-quality childcare for Burbank parents. The Center officially opened on March 18, 2004, and has continued to operate through a collaborative partnership with KinderCare Learning Centers. 

As we reflect on two decades, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to the Center's success, shaping the bright futures of our children and enriching the fabric of our community.


The Open House of the Casitas de Linden, BHC’s First Completed ADU

The exterior of Las Casitas de Linden on the day of the Open House with balloons and signage.

The Casitas de Linden project is the first of its kind for Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC). On March 28, 2024, BHC hosted an open house for its key supporters and community partners at the newly constructed Las Casitas de Linden. Attendees had the chance to explore and experience our first all-electrical building with an ADA one-bedroom unit on the first floor and a two-bedroom unit on the second floor.

The Casitas de Linden are the first ADUs to be completed, with our Niagara ADU project expected to reach completion during the summer of 2024. The open house event provided an opportunity to highlight the features of the newly constructed units, including sustainable design elements and modern amenities aimed at enhancing residents' quality of life.

Las Casitas de Linden are dedicated to BHC’s board of directors who have supported our innovative and ambitious endeavors. Their contributions have laid the foundation for a brighter future for BHC and the individuals and families we proudly serve.

Funding for Las Casitas de Linden has been made possible through strategic partnerships. Funds from Burbank Water & Power and Providence's Mother Joseph Grant provided support for cost-saving electric appliances, water conservation devices, and solar panels. Additionally, the City of Burbank Housing Authority and the Los Angeles County Development Authority contributed to the advancement of our mission. In addition, a generous donation from Enterprise Bank further bolstered our efforts.

By maximizing the potential of our housing portfolio, we aim to provide accessible housing solutions. Despite encountering some delays, we demonstrated that together with our partners, we can overcome any difficulty and make a significant difference in the lives of Burbank residents.


Free Swim Lessons for BHC Children

The YMCA Burbank Community Indoor Pool

Through a new partnership with the Burbank Community YMCA, BHC has provided essential swimming education to children who may not have had access to it otherwise. Children, ages 6 through 14, are eligible to receive free swimming lessons by YMCA certified lifeguards. This service was made possible through the California State Park Department’s Outdoor Equity Grant.

This program started during our 2023 summer camp, giving a small group of kids the chance to learn how to swim during our weekly visits to the YMCA pool. We have expanded this program to allow a greater number of children in our community to learn this essential skill.

As a culmination of these lessons, we're planning a family-oriented beach outing this summer. This will be a fantastic opportunity for our children to showcase what they've learned and enjoy a beach day of fun in the sun!

These efforts by BHC are aimed at providing our families with community support and exposure to the outdoors.


State Senator Menjivar Visits The BHC Community

State Senator Menjivar speaking with BHC's executive director at our Elmwood Activity Center

In February, Senator Caroline Menjivar, representing California’s 20th District, visited BHC communities to view our facilities and learn how we serve the community. Accompanied by our executive director and board president, Senator Menjivar toured key initiatives including the Elmwood Activity Center, Burbank Veteran Bungalows, and the Golden State Neighborhood. This visit underscores the importance of strong relationships between policymakers and organizations to address our community needs.


Donate to BHC’s Scholarship Fund

BHC Executive Director and Board President pictured next to 2022 Allen Cottriel Scholarship recipients.

Since 2006, BHC has awarded scholarships to college-bound youth in our communities and last year, we expanded our scholarship to include non-traditional adult students. With your support, we can provide the financial lifeline these deserving students need to pursue higher education, whether it's completing a degree, certifications, or specialized training programs.

If you believe education is essential to lift households out of poverty, please donate to our scholarship fund! Visit to donate.


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